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Poor Indoor Air Quality in Schools: Bad for Health, Bad for Learning

04/23/2014 (press release: Camfil) // Lynne LaakeSchools can be a breeding ground for achievement and success. Unfortunately, they can also be a breeding ground for the negative consequences of poor indoor air quality. Those consequences, as recent studies have shown, can be both numerous and perilous. Poor air quality in schools can lead not only to serious health problems, but to trouble … [Read More...]


Eating Disorder Center of Denver’s Dr. Pryor Contributes Opinion to New Book

04/23/2014 (press release: Inbound Marketing PR) // Whitney HumbleEating Disorders, Addictions and Substance Use Disorders, a recently released book featuring renowned experts in the eating disorder field, explores research, clinical understanding and treatment of eating disorders, as well as integrative assessment strategies and treatment approaches. Eating Disorder Center of Denver’s Dr. … [Read More...]


Big Spence: The New Face of Go Hard Clothing Men’s Line

04/23/2014 (press release: mgagency) // mgagencyca@gmail.comGO HARD CLOTHING LINE just announced Big Spence as the new face of their men's clothing line. GO HARD was founded by Marlon Blair aka 'Marcc Hustle' who was raised in Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in Sacramento, CA. Marlon assembled a great team at GO HARD who works with him diligently putting out a great product. Marlon's … [Read More...]


Are You in the Fast Lane Going in the Wrong Direction?

04/21/2014 (press release: ElevatePR) // Rebecca Brown In the mad dash to succeed fast, many of us find ourselves in the fast lane going in the wrong direction. We often compromise our health, relationships, family and personal satisfaction for our work, even if the work does not fulfill us. Over time, we can find ourselves bored, burned out or unfulfilled, and we have no idea how to fix … [Read More...]


NFM Lending ranks in the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America 2013

04/21/2014 (press release: NFMpr) // Linthicum, Maryland, USA // Bernadette PearsonNFM Lending (formerly NFM, Inc.) is pleased to announce they ranked in the “Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America 2013” by Mortgage Executive Magazine. Mortgage Executive Magazine compiled a list of the nation’s top 100 mortgage companies and publicly traded banks by their total yearly mortgage volume. NFM Lending … [Read More...]


Small Business Expo Coming to Chicago April 24, 2014!

04/21/2014 (press release: billwalsh) // Rebecca BrownThe long awaited Small Business Expo will finally be coming to Chicago on April 24, 2014. The event will be held at Navy Pier, Festival Hall B, 600 E Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60611 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CDT) on the respective date. Bill Wash the renowned American Business Expert is the Platinum sponsor of the Expo, thus a great influx of small … [Read More...]


Smith Plastic Surgery Institute Unveils Redesigned Website

04/21/2014 (press release: smithsurgery) // Dr. Lane SmithDr. Lane Smith of Smith Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada is pleased to announce the redesign of, the practice’s main website. The redesign comes after an extensive digital makeover to the corporate brand. The Smith Plastic Surgery logo is predominantly showcased at the top of the website, featuring a single silhouette … [Read More...]


2015 Nissan Murano to Bring Bold, Concept-Like Style into Production

04/18/2014 (press release: CambridgePRGroup) // GURNEE, Ill. // Rosen Nissan GurneeLast year at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan made waves with the futuristic, swooping design of its Resonance crossover concept, and surprisingly, most of that bold styling will actually make it to production on the 2015 Nissan Murano late this year. The Japanese automaker's redesigned midsize crossover SUV debuted at … [Read More...]


Baby Jaymes Announces New Release

04/17/2014 (press release: mgagency) // mgagencyca@gmail.comBaby Jaymes (Jay Lyrie) is a well known singer-songwriter and music producer, known for his 'Ghetto Retro' style of music. Baby Jaymes makes no secret about his enthusiasm and excitement of the resurgence of vinyl with the Hipster scene in Oakland and other areas of California. Known as a 'vinyl enthusiast' Baby Jaymes is the owner of … [Read More...]


2015 Honda Fit Arrives with Increased Space and Better Fuel Economy

04/17/2014 (press release: CambridgePRGroup) // GURNEE, Ill. // Rosen HondaIn a show of impressive ingenuity, the redesigned 2015 Honda Fit currently arriving at dealerships boasts a smaller exterior while offering its passengers nearly five cubic feet of added interior space compared to its predecessor. That kind of clever engineering is on display throughout the new Fit subcompact, which now … [Read More...]

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HGV Road User Levy Means A More Level Playing Field, Says Shiply

04/09/2014 (press release: shiply) // Robert MatthamsShiply, the online transport marketplace welcomed introduction of HGV road user levy by the UK government. The scheme, effective from 1 April 2014 is a time-based charge to be paid by all heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) of 12 tonnes and more. As this levy applies to both UK and foreign HGVs, for the first time visiting hauliers are required to … [Read More...]


“Marketing in the Digital Age” presented by ADM at the JCK Las Vegas Conference

04/04/2014 (press release: RebekahSteen) // Victoria, Texas, Unites States // Rebekah SteenAdvocate Digital Media General Manager Jason Holmes will present “Marketing Your Business in the Digital Age: Social, Mobile and Responsive Design” at the 2014 JCK Jewelry Conference Las Vegas show on Saturday, May 31 from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. JCK is the leading international jewelry event in North America … [Read More...]


U.S. Customs May Be Ramping Up U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Verifications

04/02/2014 (press release: strtrade) // Miami, Florida, USA // Nancy CookJust as the two year anniversary of the implementation of the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement passes, importers are voicing concerns that the U.S. government may be ramping up its verification reviews, requiring importers to produce extensive documentation proving that goods imported under the agreement are eligible for FTA … [Read More...]


What do you do if you get in an accident? Ron Bell has your back.

04/02/2014 (press release: Ann Mulhern) // Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A. // Ann MulhernAnyone who’s ever been involved in a car accident knows how stressful and disorienting it can be, and simple mistakes can add insult to injury by costing you thousands of dollars in medical and repair bills. Here are 4 steps you can take to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of in an auto accident. 1. Stay Calm In … [Read More...]


iTunes releases, “THE SUGAR WARS” A Mafia Documentary on APRIL 1st 2014

04/01/2014 (press release: millskills) // Marina Del rey, CA, US // DesertWind FilmsDesert Wind Films has recently secured a deal for their documentary "Sugar Wars: The rise and fall of the Cleveland Mafia” Spear headed By Production team TJ Amato, Josh Mills and Steven Camp this long awaited story will be available for digital viewing through ITunes on April 1st 2014. Desert Wind recently … [Read More...]

EU Shrinks Tax on Made in U.S. Jeans

03/26/2014 (press release: strtrade) // Miami, Florida, USA // Nancy CookA major duty hike levied by the European Union last year against imports of premium U.S.-made women’s jeans was rescinded this week, reopening a key market for a resurgent California garment industry. As of May 1 the EU tariff will drop from 38% to 12.35%, all but erasing an extra 26% charge imposed as part of an ongoing … [Read More...]


MindStir Media and #1 Website for Christian Writers Partner to Publish New Book

03/24/2014 (press release: mindstirmedia) // MindStir Media Trials and Triumphs: Hope Beyond Circumstances: 40 Life-Changing Testimonies, published by self-publishing company MindStir Media, consists of unique, inspirational Christian testimonies from forty authors. The testimonies, all contributed from authors at, the #1 website for Christian writers, focuses on a wide range of … [Read More...]


Harris School of Business Raises Funds for Childhood Cancer Research

03/18/2014 (press release: ascutta) // Nikole SchrieferEnduring a battle with cancer is hard for anyone, and it is especially heartbreaking when the patients are young children. At the Harris School of Business in Dover, Del., the staff and students have reached out to help an organization that supports childhood cancer research. “This year we have been raising funds for St. Baldrick’s … [Read More...]


Bitcoin Agents Add Liquidity to the Bitcoin Market with its 2nd Bitcoin ATM

03/04/2014 (press release: BitcoinAgents) // Austin , Texas // Nick Black Bitcoin Agents (, owners who opened the nation’s first bi-directional Bitcoin ATM in Austin at Handlebar will be unveiling their second Bitcoin ATM at Dominican Joes on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014. With Bitcoin users averaging over 60,000 transactions a day, Bitcoin Agents lineup of Bitcoin ATMs make … [Read More...]


Exposed Records in 2013 Sets the Stage for Massive Identity Theft

02/19/2014 (press release: bkouns) // Richmond, Virginia, USA // Barry KounsAccording to Risk Based Security,, 2013 broke the previous all-time record for the number of exposed records caused by reported data breach incidents. The 2,164 incidents reported during 2013 exposed over 822 million records, nearly doubling the previous highest year on record (2011). Although … [Read More...]

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