JKD Student and Grandmaster Reunite

atacbadgelogoGOLD.png03/12/2012 (press release: bmartin1739) // Richardson, Texas, USA // SDD

Bruce Martin and Professor Gary Dill got in touch after many years, in order to develop a Lethal defense-tactics system for the active Law Enforcement and Military Special Forces Community. This system is based on the original form of JKD (Jeet-Kune-Do). The way Bruce Lee intended for it to be perpetuated before it became, watered down versions of others. Professor Dill, is one of the original Oakland, CA. students taught personally by Bruce and James Lee (James is Bruce’s Cousin). He has over 40 years experience in martial arts as a Grandmaster. He was the Chief of Police for two cities and a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Martin, also is a former Law Enforcement officer. Professor Dill’s resume is truly too extensive to include, in its entirety, in such a short cover story. So, we suggest that you visit his site (www.jkd-garydill.com) or google him and Martin for their extensive and specialized backgrounds.

Martin is a former student of Professor Dill’s many years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since their time apart, both have been very active in their own careers. Martin, as a law enforcement officer and “serial entrepeneur” and Dill, continued his efforts in building the Jeet Kune Do Foundation, which he founded. And, continues to operate all across the world and has trained and developed many defense tactics systems for; Homeland Security, Military Special Forces ( Navy SEALs, Green Beret’s, Air Force Spec Op’s), as well as, local and federal law enforcement agencies. This training has been geared towards anti-terrorism tactics since 9-11. A-TAC defense tactics portion is based upon many of the same principles of Professor Dills Homeland security Anti-terrorism tactics program which includes mostly of; bone breaking, neck snapping, joint locking, empty hand JKD trapping and striking techniques which, is developed to cause immediate termination of your opponent(s). With A-TAC, we are training students to recognize the true level of threat and how far one must go to get the situation under control. Hoping that it rarely ends in termination of life but, if deadly force is necessary, the student WILL have the training to execute just that… in a very quick and effective manner.

Martin explains that this NEW system is so incredibly intense and lethal that, it is currently only being offered to active police officers and special forces operators and even then, They too must submit to a written test and oral interview before being either accepted or denied as a student. Dill explains that, it is very important that we weed-out the “Cowboys” and “Hot-heads.” This is NOT something we wish to teach individuals that are already prone to taking the violent route in problem solving when on duty or deployed overseas where, there is very little oversight. These folks are pretty much on their own when in these environments and must rely upon instant good decision making abilities. Sometimes, these decisions end in termination of life and is necessary and warranted. Other times, it calls for just the right amount of force applied to capture control of the situation and, individuals who know how to do this effectively are the profile of individuals we seek.

Martin states, we could very easily begin to market, advertise, and teach anyone that is willing to pay to learn this new combat system but, as corny as it may sound, we are NOT trying to get rich…we are trying to save lives!

This system is part of a program Martin has created under the company name URBAN WARRIOR, LLC and the program is called, A-TAC (Advanced Tactical Achievement Certification).

It comes in three levels and Instructor certification. Every aspect of the program becomes more intense and more educational as you progress through the levels.

For example; LEVEL 1 (20 of the 100 total hours) is: 50% defense tactics, 25% PT (physical training), and 25% book work which, covers many aspects that patrol officers face on a daily basis. Active LEO’s will gain recognition through credits added to their respective States certification program. Martin explains that, he is currently in the process of developing a relationship with a local police academy in the East Texas area which will allow the academy to send its students through the A-TAC program. Martin states that..NOT everyone is going to pass! Just because you or your department has compensated Urban Warrior, LLC to take the time to train you, necessarily means that they will pass you. Martin explains that, the A-TAC certifications are not going to be like anything these men or women have ever seen before. Many times, training facilities will pass anyone who pays, shows up, and does the best they can. Well, we think some folks are going to be in for a rude awakening as soon as their first day of LEVEL 1. All I can tell you is that, you better hit the gym, run some miles, and catch up on CCP because, showing up alone is NOT going to cut it! Upon completion of LEVEL 1, these folks are going to know that they truly have accomplished something that, not just anyone can show up and successfully complete. And, they realize that they are in much better condition both, mentally and physically, and leave wanting to return to see if they can complete LEVEL’s 2 and 3.

Upon completion of LEVEL’s 1 and 2, the student will receive a certification of completion and a “one-of-kind” shirt displaying the soon to be known A-TAC logo.

IF the same student returns and completes LEVEL 3, there is a brief moment of recognition as well as the awarding of their own A-TAC3 ring, shirt, and challenge coin.

We want to make a big deal out of this because it truly is an accomplishment for any person to complete all three levels of A-TAC. Upon completion of all three LEVEL’s, it is NOT overboard in stating that, they will have received the same, if not more, all around training than one of our own military special forces operator.

In fact, with the exception of some mild “tweeking,” germane to defense tactics and anti-terroristic based education…it is the SAME training we would provide to the military and their special forces community.

Martin has chosen both the city of Canton, Texas and their local police department as the “Beta” site and class for the A-TAC program at his Urban Warrior Tactical Training Compound which, is located within the city limits of Canton, Texas.

When asked…why Canton, Texas? Martin replied, Canton is the biggest smallest town Ive ever seen!

The people are progressive in thinking, aggressive towards business development and growth, and they have an outstanding police department which is led by a Chief that, truly believes in his officers being as well trained as possible. The officers I have met and spoken with are; intelligent and highly trained professional’s who remain hungry and eager to learn as much as they can, in order to serve and protect their City to the absolute best of their abilities. That, is truly an instructors dream!

Location wise, it is approxiamately 40 minutes east of Dallas and has a major interstate running straight through it which, allows easy access in any direction for over 150 miles for officers wanting to attend the program. Currently, there is very little, by way of additional training facilities available to officers in this area so, we get the sense we will be well received by the folks in Canton. For many years now, it remains famous for its 1st MONDAY event (vendors from all over come to sell their specialty foods, products, etc..). Hopefully, it will also be known for its one of a kind Tactical Training Complex.

In addition to the A-TAC program, URBAN WARRIOR has many acres available for tactical driving, K-9 search/tracking training, and a soon to be world famous obstacle course. Its 6,000 square foot covered area also offers an on-site supply store for members, weight training area, regulation boxing ring, a gallery area for working on defense tactics techniques, cuffing, ground fighting, etc. in additon to, being a SpeedTech Lighting reseller-installer. Officers or departments will have the option to have their personal or city/county vehicles wrapped and fully kitted with lights and radio. URBAN WARRIOR has two full time installers which happen to be Master Mechanics and have both worked for large cities in the D/FW area for many years.

Martin says, these are the same guys that build and mantain their cities police cars, city trucks, etc. So, they are more than capable to execute these type of installs as, they have been doing them for years already. Martin added, we also will have at least 3 URBAN WARRIOR LE kitted vehicles members can rent by the hour to practice their driving tactics, traffic stops, and felony traffic stops. Seminars will be scheduled with well known and respected guest speakers twice a year and will be available for members to attend at no additional costs. Access to all of the above mentioned (A-TAC PROGRAM not INCLUDED) is included in their annual membership dues which are $399.00 per year (option to pay monthly). Martin stated that, until May 1st of this year, he has reduced the membership dues to $249.00 per officer.

Urban Warrior is also offering department packages. An entire department can join and if they add additional officers throughout the year, they too are welcomed… at no additional charge.

Urban Warrior’s Virtual Reality Training Module Instructor states that, the VirTRA system that is going to be shipped will be one of five in the entire USA. It is a five screen 360 degree view of the most realistic simulator anyone has ever seen. The officers have the option of using their own weapons and can go through scenarios alone or with their partner. It has a special “surprise” option that he refuses to tell us about but, will tell us that when it was cutom built, we made sure to add as many distractions as possible. It can go as far as adding a helicopter, chain link fences opening and closing, babies crying, people screaming, shots being fired, etc. The instructor has the option to determine the outcome of the session. Within seconds he can direct the session to either compliant behavior to deadly force. He states, the officer MUST be aware of activities on all screens at all times. If he must fire and seek cover… after his 15th shot he will hear a ‘click!” Now what?! He must either reload or access additional weapons from the trunk area or possibly the shotgun located in the front seat. VERY realistic training. Many large departments want this particular model badly but, Mark says, they cannot seem to budget in a VR training machine that costs their city in excess of $100,000.

So, their officers are welcome to join URBAN WARRIOR and rent time on the machine by the hour.

URBAN WARRIOR TACTICAL TRAINING COMPOUND is for active LEO and Military personnel ONLY. It is open 24X7. Officers who work deep nights that wish to work out on their nights off at 3am, they are free to do so or, if they would like to spend time in our R&R area (small corner area with several comfortable chairs and couches, flat screen TV, snack bar, and small library). If they need a piece of equipment during their late night shift, say a holster for example, they are welcome to either come by and pick one up or if their department is within a 25 mile radius, we will deliver it to them at no additional charge. We believe that officers should have operational equipment in the field and many do not have the option to, shop between the hours of 9-5. So, if they are working…so are we!

Martin stated that, a small portion of the compound WILL be made available on certain days and times of the week (TBA) to financially challeged women and their minor children living in a battered environment. Martin says this has always been a sensitive spot for him for many years and is pleased to make a portion of the facility available to them as they are taught by URBAN WARRIOR instructors how to protect themselves and their small children. If the children are old enough and capable of retaining the information (usually around the age of eight or nine) they are welcom to learn as well. It’s our way of contributing to the community. Canton is a GREAT city and we do not want to put on blinders to such a huge and serious problem across this Country. Changes ONLY happen when people in a position to help…actually do just that! SDD