Impact of Social Signals on Your Press Release Submission and Distribution

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In order for your press releases to gain maximum exposure and visibility, you need to incorporate a bit of search engine and social media optimization techniques on its syndication process to achieve more relevant and satisfactory results.

As social media plays a vital role in influencing search rankings, it is very important that your press release distribution campaign has a well-planned social media optimization strategy. If you are employing press release distribution outlet to manage your press releases, always make sure that their services are powered by tools that have capabilities that can accurately track and record social signals. This will enable you to measure if your social media strategy has succeeded or failed.

The Power of Social Signals in Influencing Search Rankings

Social signals can be simply described as footprints or evidences left behind by real human beings online. These footprints indicate if a website or content has value or relevance. These evidences are used by most search engines in ranking results from search queries.

Most search engines nowadays increase the quality of their services by improving user experience through the use of social signals. These signals in return, influence search rankings by putting helpful and relevant contents on top of the search results pages.

Impact of Social Signals in your Press Release Submission & Syndication

If your press releases are well syndicated in social media networks where most of your target audience hangs out, this increases its exposure and visibility not only in social media but as well in search results in various search engine websites (i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Higher exposure in social media websites encourages more participation from real people, thus giving your press releases more value and relevance. Your press releases will then vouch the credibility of your website and business.

The liking, sharing and resharing, tweeting and retweeting, pinning and repining, and plus ones are some of the famous social signals your press releases can garner if they are properly exposed in famous social media networks. (Tip: prioritize syndicating your content on more famous social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest). Offers Premium Social Media Syndication Services

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