disHonor Killings Film Campaign – Hunting down killer Yaser Said

Dishonor_killings_LOGO.jpg06/14/2012 (press release: smartlips) // Los Angeles, California, United States // Melissa Ashton

SmartLips Productions announces their Kickstarter Campaign “disHonor Killings“. Honor Killings is an extended practice where someone is killed by a family member in order to defend the family honor. More than 20000 people are killed every year due to this practice.

disHonor Killings is a film documentary filled with stories of horror, deaths, culture, lives destroyed, and families who become criminals. Their stories are backed up with research and data from global activists, investigators, attorneys, journalists, friends and family members.

disHonor Killings also gets deeper into the dark and sad story of Amina and Sarah Said, two teenager sisters from Texas who were killed in a premeditated “Honor Killing” planned and executed by their father Yaser Said.

Yaser Said vanished after the murders and he is now on the FBI Most Wanted list. disHonor Killings will also show the results of a private investigation to track down the killer Yaser Said.

To fund this project, SmartLips is looking to the kindness of others and has launched a “Kickstarter” page to gain support and financial backing. Kickstarter is part of the growing movement of “crowdfuding.” This type of backing allows people to pursue their passion, such as the documentary, artistic endeavor, and even a business, with financial support of others. With Kickstarter, supporters pledge a designated amount and when, and only if, the project goal is met, the founder receives the money. disHonor Killings is on a forty-day timeline to receive full-funding of $38,000 to move with the project forward.

Production begins in summer of 2012 with a tentative 2013 launch date. All of those involved in the disHonor Killings film are dedicated to preventing this kind of atrocity from ever happening again and making sure that authorities take the necessary steps to prevent any other “Honor Killing”.

To view a trailer and/or to learn more, please visit: to support our campaign and visit our website at or follow us on Facebook at or twitter at @dishonorkilling