Provides Enterprise Online Storage Solutions

06/19/2012 (press release: deploid) // has launched a new, intuitive and professional looking website to address all the issues and questions in enterprise online storage in a comprehensible and easy-to-navigate way. Enterprise cloud storage has been the preoccupation of Their solutions are differentiated by a friendly user interface, reliable archiving, commodity hardware and enterprise scalability which enables the firm to spend the most possible time and resources on developing awesome products for the end-user; not to mention the ease of installation, deployment and cross browser compatibility. Apart from the pertinent content that was improved, the website has been given a professional look and is informative at the same time.

Storage has now been made simple as their software can be easily installed and maintained by low level IT personnel, ability to operate on the existing storage framework and virtualization support. A closer look at the software reveals more easy to use features like separated, tabbed browsing which enables you to navigate between users and. Other storage features include Remote Replication, RAID Hardware Controller Integration, SSD optimization, Storage Quotas, Fibre Channel Support and unlimited sessions and ports.

In this age commercial data is invaluable and the processes and systems reliant on data cannot afford failure. There is an array of services and products on which encompasses the diversity of the enterprise cloud backup market. With clients from the entertainment industry, library services and several businesses, they have a portfolio that goes on to prove their prowess in the online/ cloud storage business. With an option of either a self-hosted or web version, you can now back up your data securely and access the data at your discretion.

The backend of the software has received a new, improved and easy to use interface which will be good news to content managers. Complete with all tools in a simple panel, the software is ready to be used and maintained by any IT personnel. Due to the changing nature of organizations and imminent growth, it is imperative that firms acquire systems that are scalable; which was a core consideration when developing this solution. Enterprise backup is articulated in precise detail on and it is undoubtedly the one stop shop for all enterprise online storage requirements.