Key Factors Behind Hiring Decisions in Business Today Revealed

HiringPreferanceChart2.jpg06/21/2012 (press release: NETtime) // NETtime Solutions

NETtime Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based SaaS time and attendance solutions, has gained first-hand insight into the decision making process of hiring managers and human resource departments when it comes to bringing aboard new staff members. The findings shine a light on areas job seekers can highlight during interviews, and set out to develop in their career paths.

Through their latest in a series of labor related surveys, NETtime asked hiring managers, “When bringing on new staff do you prefer maturity/experience or recent graduates?” and why, with the purpose of uncovering those traits that are most desirable in a job candidate.

In today’s marketplace, the workforce is comprised of four generations: Millennials, born between 1980 and 1999; Generation X, born between 1965 and 1979; Baby Boomers, born following World War II from 1946 to 1964; and the World War II or Greatest Generation, born prior to 1946 – with each group possessing their own unique skill set and attitude toward work. This multigenerational workforce with an abundance of candidates for hiring managers to choose from makes the job hunt more competitive than ever before.

After a review of survey replies, it seems that employers seek out more experienced employees due to their work ethic. Of the thirty survey respondents, results showed the following:

When bringing on new staff…

• 80% prefer maturity/experience

• 7% prefer recent graduates

• 13% have no preference

Deciding factors on the selection of what type of staff to hire broke down to…

• 60% work ethic

• 37% problem solving

• 37% compliant/ethical behavior

• 3% pay scale

While the survey showed an overwhelming lean towards mature, experienced workers, discussions in LinkedIn groups shared additional insight. Many hiring managers said that it is the position that determines if they look for experience or recent graduates and that a more important factor they consider is placing staff where they will have job satisfaction. In the health and home care industry specifically, survey participants looked for critical problem solving skills in their hiring process.

Job seekers can learn from NETtime’s survey on hiring. While human resource departments tend to want maturity and experience, there is no reason a job candidate with less experience cannot come across as mature. The key to landing a job may lay in demonstrating that one has a strong work ethic, will play by the rules and has the critical thinking skills to solve problems within their daily tasks.

For a full breakdown of survey results to the question of “when bringing on new staff do you prefer maturity/experience or recent graduates?” and why, please email Full sized graphic data collected from this survey on hiring can be found by visiting