Bebelicious limited-edition baby baskets


08/08/2012 (press release: purplecowinc) // Melbourne, Vic, Australia // Jen

Bebelicious limited-edition baby baskets

Introducing the Bebelicious Moses basket; a chic, sumptuous, and portable baby basket which is as comfortable as it is handsome.

“Winnie the Pooh is not for me,” says designer Jennifer Catton. So when she set out to select the limited-edition prints for the reversible cover and bedding in Bebelicious, she was drawn to contemporary designer fabrics.

It’s not just about looks though, the Bebelicious Moses baskets allow for baby to stay close. It can be moved from room to room for constant supervision and once it’s bed time for all, the Bebelicious basket can be put on its custom frame. On most standard beds, this will leave baby level with Mum and Dad, easy to check on and feed, but safely away from rolling parents. Divine.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to the basket’s practicality is revealed in the buyer. “We’ve been really surprised that it’s actually second and third time mums that want it,” says Catton, “They’ve been our number one customers.” Second or third time around, it’s much easier to identify products which will make a real difference for parents and baby. Designed with minimising SIDS risks in mind, the Bebelicious Moses basket is also a safe choice.

The Bebelicious aesthetic – 1950’s chic with a contemporary twist, carries through to the website, Host ‘Kitty May’ is a fabulous doting Mum who isn’t afraid of a killer pair of heels or occasionally ending the day with a cocktail.

Each Bebelicious set delivers:

a hand-woven maize Moses basket designed for comfort – larger and deeper than a standard Moses basket

a beautiful, reversible, limited edition liner (less than 100 of each design)

a custom made Tetra tea tree mattress

two sets of easy-care fitted and flat sheets which can be machine washed and tumble dried

a gorgeous ever-so-soft bamboo fleece blanket

Optional Bebelicious accessories include:

folding and rocking stands

stands in choice of three colours

Bebelicious is available through the Bebelicious website, and retails from AUD$119.00.

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