The World’s first-ever app for Medical Entrepreneurs

phone-screens.png08/20/2012 (press release: NanoPress) // Delray Beach, Fl, USA // Leslie Firsten

The first of-its-kind, and first ever Medical Entrepreneur App went live on the Apple Store this month. The app was developed by Steven M Hacker, MD to “give healthcare providers and medical students, business intelligence and decision making tools before, during and after private practice”, says Dr. Hacker. The Medical Entrepreneur App was developed under the premise of “Information first. Decisions second.” says Dr. Hacker.

The Medical Entrepreneur App is a unique free tool that addresses many issues medical students and physicians are faced with in today’s changing healthcare environment.

For medical students, the Medical Entrepreneur App asks the student a series of questions regarding personality, lifestyle and income preferences to help them select a specialty that best matches their personality. For physicians in practice already, the Medical Entrepreneur App gives doctors the ability to determine how much of a line of credit they should ask for from their bank, if they should lease or buy their next piece of equipment, how to create a pro forma budget for their practice and how to determine if a marketing plan makes sense based on lifetime value of their patients. Lastly, for providers transitioning out of practice, the Medical Entrepreneur App provides physicians with a tool to value their practice or lets physicians take an entrepreneur quiz to see if their personality matches with entrepreneurs.

About the Medical Entrepreneur App

The Medical Entrepreneur App is a free App developed by Dr. Steven Hacker. Dr. Hacker is the top-selling author of the business book, The Medical Entrepreneur. He is also the founder of The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium and has started and sold many well known companies including and PassportMD. He spends most of his non patient care time consulting on medical devices and business start-ups.

For information about The Medical Entrepreneur App, visit The App is available for download for free at the Apple Store.