CasinoWebScripts – casino software provider with no monthly taxes

logo.jpg08/31/2012 (press release: casinowebscripts) // Bucharest, Romania

CasinoWebScripts – casino software provider with no monthly taxes

If you want to start your online casino business with 0% monthly fees, or if you are interested to buy casino games and use them on your gaming website to offer more entertainment to your visitors, then we are happy to announce that has already released over 100 casino games, developed using Adobe Flash latest technologies and high definition graphics.

Our casino games come with many innovative and addictive features in the area of online igaming:

-switch to FAST PLAY when playing our slots and card games, this way increasing the number of spins per minute and getting you closer to the grand jackpot;

-change the table color of our table games, to enjoy a different gaming experience;

Another very useful option we want to mention is the flexibility of the games. Using our admin panel, you can:

-edit any game and change the coin sizes of the game;

-adjust how often each symbol will appear, and their payouts, for the slot games;

-decide how much from each bet goes to jackpot bank;

Casinowebscripts software is already a turnkey solution. Everything is already developed and tested, ready to start being used in an online environment .Live demo:

If you buy our games with source codes, you will be able to make changes to the game graphics, sounds and game name and even create a new casino game.

We can also customise and develop any games you might be interested in. You want a scratch game with golf theme? Or you want a special slot game to promote your business? We can create anything. Visit us at

If you decide to buy casino games from us you will also receive great discounts on big purchases. Buy 30 or more games and receive up to 20% discount.

About CasinoWebScripts:

CasinoWebScripts is a leading company in the area of online gaming and gambling, providing you with premium graphics and sharp sound quality that furnish the games with realistic entertainment value and presents a strong resemblance to traditional slot machines. We constantly work to keep a rich supply of quality games so our customers have a competitive advantage. Lifetime support included. New games released every month!

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