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08/31/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Natasha Bradley or Lucy Page

So you’ve been on holiday, perhaps on a beautiful golden beach abroad or even a trendy staycation to the coast in good old Blighty, and have come back feeling tanned and rested. But, the hard work doesn’t stop there for your skin. You may have dieted, buffed, exfoliated and bronzed before you went away but you have to take care of your skin post-holiday to keep that glow going.

If you’ve had a little too much sun over the summer months, The Harley Medical Group recommend you use Anti-Ageing Moisturising Complex to calm and moisturise skin and reduce any signs of damage. It is also important to remember to use a moisturiser such as Enhanced Performance with a high SPF of 25 to prevent skin aging every day. Even when the clouds are out in Britain, it’s important to wear a daily SPF, the sun can still damage the skin.

If your skin is a bit dry after your holiday then you might want to remove dead skin cells or sun-burn peeling to beat dullness. Using an exfoliator every two to three days is helpful, especially on harder areas like the feet which may have seen too much walking on hard surfaces and dancing while on holiday. Microdermabrasion is also a highly effective form of exfoliation. Alternatively a skin peel such as The Harley Medical’s Agera Peel can help to brighten any dull areas.

Occasionally some women experience break outs and problem skins post-holiday. This can be caused by humidity blocking pores and increasing the oil and bacteria on the skin but can also be acerbated by changing your usual products and perhaps using cheaper travel sized skincare rather than your regular brand. Problem skin should settle when you get home and get back into your skin cleansing routine but if it persists try the Gentle Cleanser from The Harley Medical Group to clear congestion.

Post-holiday can be a trying time too for rosacea sufferers. Heat and humidity can inflame rosacea and drinking too much alcohol and staying out in the sun too much can damage the delicate skin on the cheeks, causing flushing and broken thread veins. If you are concerned about your appearance, make an appointment with The Harley Medical Group and our specialists can analyse your skin for sun damage using a Visia machine.

The Harley Medical Group also offers a “Skin Glow Package” featuring their gentle cleanser, antioxidant oil free moisturiser, a replenishing exfoliator and a rejuvenating self-tanning lotion, together providing the perfect product combination for beautiful summer skin.

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