West Virginia University to Receive Silver Chalice Award for “Top Party School”

Rocktop_Big_12_Nights.jpg08/31/2012 (press release: big12nights) // Kansas City, Missouri, USA // Ryan Murphy

Big12Nights.com, a new online website dedicated to showcasing student life throughout the Big 12 Athletic Conference, has announced it will hold a Trophy Presentation Party on September 8th in Morgantown, West Virginia to present the students of West Virginia University with the “Silver Chalice” for America’s Top Party School.

The award by Big12Nights.com comes just after the Princeton Review named West Virginia University the “Top Party School in America“ in its annual college rankings. “We are thrilled to see West Virginia University receive this honor as a newly inducted member of the Big 12 conference”, says Ryan Murphy, Executive Director of Big12Nights.com.

So are these dubious bragging rights? Not according to Kevin Wilkey, whose company Lush Hospitality Group is developing a new a multi-million dollar dining and entertainment complex in the heart of downtown Morgantown.

“This is something fun and exciting that the community should embrace and build upon” says Wilkey, “as a new member of the Big 12 Athletic Conference we want everyone to know that Morgantown is a destination worth traveling to and that good food and good times are what we do best”.

The party will be held September 8th at the new Rocktop Bar & Grill. The Rocktop Bar & Grill sits in the heart of downtown Morgantown and boasts a swanky rock and roll themed bar with a massive 9,000+ sq/ft rooftop patio, outdoor party pools, fireplaces, and Las Vegas-style décor.

“West Virginia University will be the first school to receive the Silver Chalice Award” says Murphy, “but I have a hunch this will not be the last time”.