Make Extra Money With Mobile Rewards

100x100.png09/06/2012 (press release: rochem1867) // Burlington, NJ, USA // Mobile Rewards LLC

The revolutionary app Mobile Rewards that connects consumers with businesses has today passed the 30,000 user mark it’s the best way to make extra money. All over the world, users are loading up Mobile Rewards to make extra money. By using this new, exciting app, small business owners can connect directly to their customers and test their goods and services. It can be used on the Apple iPhone, iPad and and iPod. Mobile Rewards is available today for download from the iTunes store.

Since the release of this app in March, more than 30,000 people have downloaded Mobile Rewards to make extra money. The app is creating a buzz all over the Internet as a user-friendly and easy way to make extra money.

It’s easy-as-pie for mobile users to make extra money. That’s because small businesses, through advertising, are happy to pay mobile users for their participation. By registering, these select members can connect to a rewards feature. This where the users’ open jobs and account information can be viewed. New members are invited to create an account and join in the fun of making money. Members are paid by giving their feedback about a website or product.

Mobile Rewards is unique because it’s the only iPhone app where members can make extra money for doing what they do everyday, such as checking out a YouTube video or dropping in at a business website and looking around. Registered members make a dollar for every 100 credits earned. After individual members hit $10 or more, they can cash-out and Mobile Rewards will deposit the sum in their PayPal account. That’s certainly an easy way to make extra money & one of the only apps that reward.

The use of apps to discover new products and to use those products in new ways is exploding around the world. Analysts who watch the mobile device market say that mobile use has shot up 30 percent in 2011. It’s expected that Apple’s new iPhone 5 will lead the way in increasing advertising dollars spent on the U.S. mobile market to $4.4 billion by 2015. The Mobile Rewards app is an exciting, new way for advertisers to measure consumer reactions to products and for users to make extra money.

Merchants and content marketers are looking for new ways to measure reactions to products and websites, said Mike Roche, CEO of Mobile Rewards. Members who register and use this new app can make extra money while offering businesses their opinions and insights of various products and websites.

Mobile Rewards is a new app for businesses to test branding. This app connects marketers directly to consumers who use Mobile Rewards to feed opinions about a product or website directly to a content marketing team for analysis. Mobile Rewards is based in Burlington, NJ.