El Ama de Casa Bilingüe

Full-Product-Set-rev-for-web.jpg09/10/2012 (press release: MartaPerrone) // los angeles, california, USA // marta perrone

For the past 25 years I have been working with Hispanic domestic workers in the private service industry. The majority of women working in this field have fallen into these jobs without proper education or training and having never mastered more than the most very basic English language skills. Ever struggling and yet striving they encompass a tremendous work force reaching for the American Dream; to buy homes, cars and put their children through school. As importantly, they are an integral part of every family as they care for our homes and children across the nation. These stories are numerous with lives filled with struggle, abuse, communication issues, and cultural barriers. As a fluent Spanish speaker they talk to me in ways they cannot with others in my industry.

This program teaches the necessary skills from how to qualify, interview techniques, negotiating contracts to solving problems on the job; discusses protective laws; improves confidence and tells the many stories would raise awareness and help these women become proud professionals. With 5 books and 4 DVDs, Hispanic domestic workers will learn housekeeping, childcare, emergency procedures, laundry, kitchen essentials and basic cooking while learning the necessary vocabulary and useful phrases in English.