Timezone.com and Govberg Team Up to Revolutionize the Watch Repair Experience

TimeZone_GovbergWatchRepair.jpg09/11/2012 (press release: GovbergJewelers) // Philadelphia, PA, United States // Caroline Kallman Joffe

Today, Govberg Jewelers announced a strategic partnership between its web-based repair division, Govberg Watch Repair and Timezone.com, the long-established online forum for collectors of high-end timepieces. Appointed the “official service partner for all timepiece repair and restoration needs” by Timezone.com, Govberg Watch Repair now delivers its specialized and reliable services to directly to Timezone’s dedicated community members through a secure watch repair portal on Timezone’s recently re-designed website.

The Govberg Watch Repair platform redefines the traditional in-store service experience, providing customers with the ease and convenience of addressing watch repair issues at any time of day, and from any location. Timezone community members can access the Govberg Watch Repair portal without leaving the Timezone website. After a brief online inquiry, clients can securely package and ship their watch to the Govberg facility and receive a complimentary estimate for repair work. As a special introductory offer, Govberg Watch Repair is giving all Timezone community members a free padded travel case with every repair completed through the Timezone repair portal.

Since its founding in 1994, the Timezone.com community has become a place where passionate collectors discuss the merits of watch mechanics and aesthetics and novice watch enthusiasts turn for guidance. Danny Govberg, third-generation President of Govberg Jewelers, remarked, “The Timezone community is a critical resource for watch enthusiasts to obtain watch advice they can trust. We have built a strong reputation in the industry caring for fine timepieces for the past 90 years, and we are eager to earn the trust of the Timezone community.”

After providing watch repair services out of its retail locations since 1922, GovbergWatchRepair.com was launched in 2010 to service the watch repair and maintenance needs of the nation’s Swiss watch owners. Recognizing the shortage of sophisticated and well-trained watchmakers across North America, the steadfast reputation of Govberg Jewelers’ own Swiss-trained watchmakers, and the convenience of a web-based service portal, Govberg Watch Repair represents a dramatic improvement in the watch repair experience. Over the past 18-months, GWR has serviced thousands of fine timepieces for satisfied customers across the country, with services ranging from simple battery replacements, to complex overhauls of complicated mechanical timepieces. TimeZone General Manager Jessica Faver welcomes the partnership with Govberg Watch Repair. “Our members frequently seek advice on watch repair and routine maintenance,” she states. “Govberg Watch Repair is a proven expert with over 90-years of history and is authorized to service over 50 brands with genuine factory parts.”

To access Govberg Watch Repair on Timezone.com and receive your free padded travel case, visit: timezone.com/resources-tools/watch-repair.