Forget about Apple’s new iPhone 5 dock connector with some AQ Audio…

Screen_shot_2012-09-19_at_6.16.40_PM.png09/19/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // James Grant

Technology websites and magazines have been awash with stories about how the all-new dock connector on Apple’s iPhone 5, released Friday 14th, will cause problems for music fans everywhere.

Thousands of iPhone docking stations and speaker sets will become redundant for those who upgrade, unless they choose to buy an adapter. However, for iPhone 5 customers that want to experience incredible sound quality without having to worry for a second about wires or docking connectors, the AQ SmartSpeaker is the answer.

Sleek, completely portable, and able to connect to the whole range of Apple devices from iPhones and iPads to iPods and iPod Touches, AQ Audio’s wireless speakers will transform the way you listen to music and stream audio. Using WiFi and Apple AirPlay technology, AQ Audio SmartSpeakers allow you to create your perfect home audio setup and enjoy your entire iTunes library effortlessly. Plug the speakers into the mains or use the inbuilt rechargeable battery for complete convenience or simply keep them connected to the mains socket.

Outside of iTunes, the AQ Audio SmartSpeaker works with many other AirPlay-enabled apps, from TuneIn Radio, which offers access to 70,000 stations around the world, to online music service Napster and the BBC’s iPlayer. And if you want to take your speakers away on holiday and won’t have access to a WiFi network, simply connect them to a music device via a 3.5mm audio cable.

Andrew Kenyon, lead developer at AQ Audio, said: “There was a lot of concern from consumers and the tech community when it was announced Apple was to change its style of docking connector in favour of a slimmer port. But, consumers who enjoy the superb sound quality and ultimate portability of our AirPlay speakers don’t need to concern themselves with docking. People can simply text, surft the web and check emails while they play music to the AQ SmartSpeaker”

“Going by the initial sales figures, Apple looks to have captured people’s imagination once again with the iPhone 5. And consumers who want to enjoy the best listening experience possible should team their new smartphone with a pair of our wireless SmartSpeakers.”

AQ Audio SmartSpeakers are available to buy individually, priced £159.95, or as part of a twin pack or four-pack, priced at £299.95 and £589.95 respectively.

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