Ron Bell Wants You to Know About Diabetes Risk and Lipitor


If you or a loved one has taken Lipitor, Ron Bell wants you to know the risks and how to get compensation.

Ron Bell is Concerned About Yaz Birth Control and Cardiac Risk


If you or a loved one have taken Yaz birth control, Ron Bell wants you to know about the risks.

U.S. Customs May Be Ramping Up U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Verifications


A leading international trade attorney cautions importers that the time is ripe to get their KORUS verification docs in order.

What do you do if you get in an accident? Ron Bell has your back.


If you or a loved one are ever in an accident, stay calm, be safe, document everything, and call Ron Bell.

First Hispanic-American to receive the FBA’s Lifetime Achievement Award


Mr. Castellanos was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. For the first time an FBA’s award of this importance was given to a Hispanic American.

EU Shrinks Tax on Made in U.S. Jeans

The European Union has rescinded a major duty hike levied last year against imports of premium U.S.-made women’s jeans.