Search Metrics White paper and how it benefits Online Press Release Distribution

Search Metrics released a new Whitepaper that reveals the top 8 ranking signals that will change the way you do SEO in 2014. In the last few days of the 3rd quarter of 2014, a trend-changing report from Search Metrics ( revealed newly discovered information about Google’s search ranking factors that would challenge the norms […]

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Going Green with Online Press Release Distribution

Don’t just be eco-friendly on Earth Day! Use online press releases year-round and save a tree or two Distributing press releases online is the best way to go green with your marketing efforts. This form of news distribution does not eat up paper like its print counterpart, thus saving the environment one tree at a […]

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How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings
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Are Your Press Releases Leaving Readers Asking Where’s the Beef?

Clearly communicating the message of a press release is important for ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves, says the team. Where’s the beef? became a popular catchphrase in the U.S. after fast food chain Wendy’s originated it as an advertising slogan in the 1980s. Although it was meant to drive home the […]

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Thank you for referring Submit123PR.

Thank you for referring Submit123PR. We will review the information provided and automatically load a free press release into your account once contact is made with one of your referrals. Bookmark our blog to receive weekly fresh ideas on marketing your business.

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Why All Brands Should Use Pinterest for Marketing

Consumers love images and they love seeing images on the Internet. This is the major reason Pinterest draws so many users each month and makes a great inbound marketing tool. If you have yet to see the advantages offered by Pinterest, consider this… Pinterest can help your brand to: • Increase your brand awareness • […]

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Press Releases and Social Media: The Ideal Online Match? outlines how social media can help generate buzz for one’s press release. Some have stated that press releases seldom see success with social media audiences. These people are what some clever online marketers would call “wrong.” Social media and press releases are a near perfect match in the realm of online promotion, as long […]

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