Wanted: Distribution Boss – A New Job Position in Content Creation

A recent Forester Research study shows a growing need for companies to focus on content distribution   Companies everywhere are creating great content – from whitepapers to eBooks – and in the past most had no plan for distributing their materials. According to a study conducted by Forester Research, this oversight may soon be changing. […]

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Facebook Turns 10: Top Things You Should Know Before Advertising

With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook has come a long way since its founding days. Tagged as the biggest social networking site, Facebook has an annual revenue of over $7 billion. Most of their revenue income comes from advertising. With these figures, we can tell that there’s really something about this social networking […]

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Press Release as a Content Marketing Tool: Top 5 Ways to Promote It

Press release is one of the top tools in business even decades before the internet era. Its indispensable role in building public relations and as a promotion tool for business makes it a constant denominator in every marketing strategy. Nowadays, with the use of the internet and online media channels, press releases are now considered […]

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Can Releasing Too Many Press Releases Backfire on My Campaign?

SubmitPressRelease123.com outlines why there’s no such thing as too many press releases. Press releases are an excellent tool for disseminating information about a company, product, service, or idea. The ultimate goal for any release is to catch the attention of journalists and others who may pick it up and further spread the word about the […]

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Why People on Twitter Don’t Care About Your Press Release

SubmitPressRelease123.com discusses the reasons many companies are not getting traction for their press releases on social media. Press release writing for business in a social media age can be tricky. In trying to write releases that are newsworthy and void of marketing speak, many misstep in trying to connect with their target audience on social […]

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Publishing Platform from LinkedIn – Why use Submit Press Release 123

What was previously reserved for only exclusively selected “influencers,” is now being made available to all users of LinkedIn. This publishing platform allows users to create and publish blog-style updates to their respective networks. These posts have been known to generate a ton of engagement, as well as conversations, which has encouraged LinkedIn to capitalize […]

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